Shannon, Co. Clare

After the initial consultation, it was clear that a radical make-over was required and so all of the old infrastructure needed to be removed. The whole space needed lightening up by the use of different materials, and interest needed to be injected into the small space. This was achieved by moving from dark flags to bright navy porcelain tiles for the patio surfaces and using white render for the wall structures and seating.

During the design much attention was paid to the detailing of the garden as can be seen by the clean lines, use of charcoal brick mowing edge and the shape/size of the white wall structures. These walls gave the garden strong structural elements and make for a perfect contrast to the natural planting.

The garden is completely transformed and feels larger, brighter and full of interest. It is now a great place to be with family and friends as well as a lovely place to relax. As the plants continue to mature they will soften some of the hard landscaping and provide colour, structure and scent.

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Jan & Mike, Shannon, Co Clare