Doon, Co. Limerick

We were commissioned by the clients to design and build a contemporary outdoor living space for a modern, styled home situated in Doon, Co Limerick.

The property, situated on the hills overlooking Doon village, occupies a breath-taking vantage point of the River Dee.  Styled in a cool render and topped with a slate roof the client’s aspiration was to achieve an outdoor space with high social value, affording them defined areas for dining and entertaining that would also maximise the beautiful views across the countryside, while at the same time considering the play needs of their two young children.

The design was required to propose a seamless association between two separate paving areas, morning and evening seating areas and work in harmony with the clean lines and modern style of the property.

The scheme was also required to incorporate lighting to optimise the use of the outdoor space during the evenings and highlight the aesthetics of the planting when viewing from indoors at night.

During the early stages of the patio design the client was presented with a 3D plan to allow them to visualise the variety of different materials and styles proposed for their design.  The proposed materials were suggested to complement and work in harmony with the high-spec finish of the exterior of the property.  All paving was calculated and ordered specifically to match the pre-planned simple laying pattern and continued with the cladding for all terracing walls and steps.

A planting plan using a mix of herbaceous perennials and grasses with a natural feel was used to soften the straight lines of the garden design

Customer Comments:

Noel & Nessa Brosnan, Doon, Co Limerick